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Cape Hawke SLSC History

Cape Hawke Surf Lifesaving Club was formally founded on 27th December, 1978 and affiliated with Surf Life Saving Australia in March 1979. At this time, Forster was starting to receive visitors from near and far, and many were flocking to One Mile Beach. There was a need for trained lifesavers, so a dedicated group of volunteers began patrols using equipment loaned from Forster Surf Life Saving Club and Great Lakes Council. At first, the club operated from a single small room at the rear of the current amenities block in Palmgrove Park.

Don Gowing, President; Ray Baker, Secretary; Greg Tucker, Treasurer; and Trevor Grant, Club Captain were the first officers on the executive committee. Our club was one of the first to allow women to become active members, and our first Bronze Squad formed in 1981. Our club has only grown and prospered since then, gaining an excellent reputation for our professional service and our friendly manner, including the carnivals we’ve hosted.

Quick Details

Structure: Cape Hawke Surf Life Saving Club – Lower North Coast Branch – Surf Life Saving New South Wales

Established: 1978
Patrols Commenced: 1979
First Clubhouse Built: 1982
New Clubhouse opened 2014

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Please email info@capehawkeslsc.org.au or complete the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Surf Life Saving at Cape Hawke


One of the most important functions of the Cape Hawke Surf Lifesaving Club is saving lives. Our volunteer patrols do our best to keep the waters safe from the beginning of the September school holidays to the end of the Easter school holidays. We offer a range of opportunities to our members to help them stay fit and healthy, provide a community service and learn more about teamwork and aquatic safety skills.

There is room for everyone in our club – every race, age, religion and sex. If surf lifesaving isn’t for you, there are many ways to be involved.


In order to become a surf lifesaver, you must hold a Bronze Medallion. This is the minimum requirement. It requires the holder to be older than age 15 and to be proficient in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue, emergency care and anatomy and physiology. Bronze Medallion holders must also meet certain physical requirements both before and after commencing training. Become a Lifesaver.


Every parent or carer wants their child to lead a happy, healthy and active life. There is no better place for this than introducing your child to surf lifesaving and nippers. Nippers is a junior program that introduces children aged 5 to 13 to surf lifesaving. It is a fun outdoors activity that grows a child’s confidence, teaches valuable life skills and knowledge. Nippers is a great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment. Become a Nipper.

Surf sports

In addition to our lifesaving activities, we also offer opportunities for our lifesavers to participate in surf lifesaving competitions. We have opportunities for all levels, from club level through the Australian Championships.
Surf Sports include swimming, sprinting, board paddling, surf skis, Inflatable Rescue Boats, and the iconic surf boat rowing. Competitors must stay fit and active all year round, constantly training to prepare for the rigours of surf rescue. More informationhere.

If you would like to learn more about competition opportunities, please contact our Competition Director today.

Sunrise Club

Every morning at sunrise is an opportunity to start your day with an injection of life. Anyone is welcome to partake in a morning beach walk or run, followed by a swim, all year round. The Sunrise club caters for all types and styles of athletes both current and past. Enjoy a warm drink of tea or coffee and watch the new day begin.

One Mile Bar

The One Mile Bar is the licensed Bar upstairs in the clubhouse. With expansive views over One Mile Beach it is the place for social gatherings of members and their guests, and a great opportunity to meet people. Open on Thursday evenings from 5.30 to 8.30 pm, and Sunday afternoons from 5.00 to 7.30 pm.

How to join

Our club is open all year round, and if you’d like to join, all you have to do is come to one of our social gatherings. You can make a start by bringing along a completed membership form. We also offer courses through the club to help you learn lifesaving skills for the first time.

We welcome new members who are prepared to adhere to the Member Protection Policy.

Membership this year is $50. Please contact our Registrar if you have questions or are interested in joining the club.

Other ways to help

If you do not have or wish to earn your Bronze Medallion, there are many other ways to help. We’re always looking for people to gain awards in radio operations and first aid to help with patrols.

About One Mile Beach

One Mile Beach is the home of the Cape Hawke Surf Lifesaving Club. With a golf course, parking and picnic areas and beautiful surroundings, it’s a popular spot with locals and visitors alike. The beach truly became popular in the 1970s, leading to the founding of the surf club in 1978. Today, the beach is often used for swimming and surfing. However, we advise everyone who heads into the waves to be careful. There are prominent, persistent rips as well as side currents. If you’re planning to swim, stay in the south between the flags or close to the shore. See more at beachsafe.org.au

Contact Information

Please use the following contact information to learn more about memberships, nippers and club gear:

Email: info@capehawkeslsc.org.au

Telephone: (02) 6555 5822

Mail: Cape Hawke SLSC, P.O. Box 198, Forster, NSW 2428